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Components Needed:

  1. Arduino – Buy
  2. HC 05 bluetooth module – Buy
  3. 4 Wheel Chassis Kit – Buy
  4. Jumper wires
  5. Battery
  6. L298 motor driver board – Buy
  7. Android Phone (any)
  8. Laptop/ PC with Arduino software installed

Step 1: Assembling the chasis:

Check the following link for assembling chases depending on your model :

Assembling Chasis

 Step 2: Connecting Arduino and Bluetooth module:

Screw the arduino to the chasis and take some jumper wires and connect it to Hc-05 bluetooth module. Refer the following circuit.

Hc-05 connections:

HC-05                              Arduino

rx                    ->                   pin 4

Tx                   ->                    pin 5

Vcc                  ->                   5V

Gnd                 ->                   gnd

Step 3: Connect Arduino to  Motor driver. 

A typical motor driver has 6 important pins apart from Battery and gnd

Motor pins                                                                       Arduino Pins

Motor 1 Enable——- M1 E  / E A                       ->                 2

Motor 1 +                       M1+/M1 A                      ->                  9

Motor 1 –                        M1-/M1 B                         ->               10

Motor 2 Enable——- M1 E                                   ->               3

Motor 2 +                       M1+/M1 A                        ->               11

Motor 2 –                        M1-/M1 B                         ->                12


Step 4: Connect Motors to motor driver

This Step requires little trail and error polocy. First connect M1 to one of the motors. Do not worry about the polarity.

Connect M2 to another


Step 5 : Uploading the code:

Follow this tutorial to upload code into arduino

Try uploading following code

Step 6: Installing Robot control application in an Android Phone 

Download the following app from google playstore

Bluetooth Robot App


Step 7 : Pair Bluetooth with the device with pairing code 1234

Step 8: Connect the Hc-05 bluetooth to the app by clicking connect button in the app


Enjoy with Robot