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Dust Sensor


DSM501B is a compact sized particle density sensor. It detects the level of indoor airborne dust, particles, and pollen. It gives output in the form of PWM. The output of the sensor can be directly connected to μ-com to control fan speed and it is also used to display the level of particles. The size of that can be detected by the sensor is limited to minimum 0.7 μm.

Components Required:

  • Arduino Uno – Buy
  • Dust Sensor – Buy
  • Jumper wires –
  • Bread Board – Buy


Dust Sensor Module had variety of applications. They are used in most of the daily life equipments. Some of the examples are: Ventilators, Air purifier, Air conditioner, etc.


  • PIN 3 (Vcc) –> Arduino Vcc
  • PIN 5 (Gnd) – -> Arduino Ground
  • PIN 2 (Vout 2) –> Arduino pin 8