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LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is nowadays embedded with many of the electronic gadgets like TV, Phone, Computer, Laptops, Watches etc. The display that we see is a liquid crystal sandwiched between two polarized glasses. It has both the properties of solid and liquid and both of them try to maintain their states regardless of one another. The LCD does not produce any illumination but it is entirely dependent on the illumination falling on it from the outside source.

The main principle behind liquid crystal molecules is that when an electric current is applied to them, they tend to untwist. This cause a change in the light angle passing through them. Due to this there is a change in the angle of the top polarizing filter with respect to it. So little light is allowed to pass through that particular area of LCD. Thus that area becomes darker comparing to others.

If the polarized glasses are both transparent then it is known as Transmittive type cell and when one glass is transparent and the other has a reflective coating then it is called Reflective type cell.


We can see the usage of LCD everywhere nowadays. TV, Laptops, Computer, Watches, Phone. LCD have become soul of most of the electronic gadgets as of now.


Project for Reference:


File -> Examples -> LCD -> Hello World.