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Magnetometer Sensor


Magnetometer sensor is an equipment which is capable of detecting strength and direction of magnetic field of a specific place. It is an instrument which consist of a sensor that measures magnetic flux. Since the magnetic flux density is proportional to the magnetic field strength so the output directly gives the intensity or strength of the magnetic lines. If in case any object disturbs the magnetic field lines will be detected by magnetometer.

There are two types of magnetometer: Vector Magnetometer and Scalar Magnetometer

Vector Magnetometers are used for the high sensitive applications. A fluxgate or Vector sensor drive has an alternating drive current that runs a permeable core material.

Scalar Magnetometer uses the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to measure the resonance frequency of the protons in a magnetic field.


Magnetometers have wide area of usage. A few of them are: Archaeology, Directional drilling, Smart Phones, Coal exploration, Military, Mineral exploration, Magnetic surveys, Spacecrafts etc.


Project for Reference:


In order to make this code run properly, we first need to download the library.

For downloading library use this link – Library

Output on Serial Monitor: