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Components Required:

1. NodeMCU DEVKIT – Buy

2. Linux PC (Tested with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)

3. Micro USB cable – Buy

Way to go ->

1. Connect NodeMCU DEVKIT to PC via the Micro USB cable.

2. Download your custom NodeMCU firmware. Follow the instructions given here.

3. Download esptool repository. In the terminal type:

4. Download CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers for Linux.

5. For installation, follow the instructions given here.

Note:- Make sure you are in super user mode(sudo su) mode while following the instructions.

6. Reboot your PC after you have successfully following the instructions.

7. To know which USB port number, in the terminal type:

8. Note down this port number(eg:- ttyUSB0).

9. Change the current workind directory(folder) to the path of the esptool directory(folder). Make you are inside the esptool directory(folder)

10. In the terminal type: 

11. Wait for it to be written.

12. Finally, you are good to go.

13. Download ESPlorer.

14. Extract the zip file.

15. In the folder ESPlorer, there will be ESPlorer.jar, right mouse click on it and Open With Oracle Java 8 Runtime.


16. To write your first program using ESPlorer (Windows PC recommended), refer to:            NodeMCU Tutorial 1a – Flashing Firmware from Windows PC