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Components Required:

1. NodeMCU DEVKIT – Buy

2. Windows PC (Tested with Windows 10)

3. Micro USB cable – Buy

Way to go ->

1. Connect NodeMCU DEVKIT to PC via the Micro USB cable.

2. Download your custom NodeMCU firmware. Follow the instructions given here.

3. Download CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers for Windows from here.

4. Reboot your PC after you have successfully following the instructions.

5. Download ESP Flasher tool to flash the firmware into the DEVKIT based on your system configuration(32/64 bit) from here.

6. Open ESP Flasher. By default the COM port should be displayed.

7. Go to Config tab, click on the settings icon and select the bin file that you had downloaded in Step 2.


8. Come back to Operation tab and click on Flash.


9. You can check if the firmware is uploading properly in the Log tab. [Troubleshoot]


10. Once the firmware is successfully uploaded the icon at the bottom left will change to green colour.


11. You can now upload programs in your NodeMCU DEVKIT.

12. Download ESPlorer from here and extract the zip file. Double left mouse click on ESPlorer.jar file to open the application. [Troubleshoot]

13. Left panel is for creating and editing lua scripts which have to be uploaded to NodeMCU.


14. Right panel acts as the serial monitor and displays COM port and Baud rate selector. [Troubleshoot]

15. Save the required script as init.lua and open the file from the left panel. [Troubleshoot]

16. Select the appropriate COM port and click on Open from the right panel. [Troubleshoot]


17. Click on Save to ESP on the bottom left corner to upload the script to NodeMCU board [Troubleshoot]

18. And that’s how its done!!



1.  If the log screen shows error message unplug the device and connect again until it auto detects the port.

2. Make sure your system has atleast Java SE Runtime 7 installed. Refer here. 

3. If port is not selected by default close and reopen ESPlorer application.

4. Two possible scenarios:

  • If it is stuck at Communication with the MCU… double click on RTS near Open button until there is a response from the MCU.

  • If it throws some random garbage values or not responding keep changing the baud rate value between 9600 and 115200 until you get a “>” symbol as shown below. Then set the baud rate to 9600.



5.  The file init.lua is mandatory, that must always be uploaded/present in NodeMCU.You can call other lua scripts from init.lua and have a segregated code for better understanding.