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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B builds upon the features of its predecessors with a new, faster processor on board to increase its speed. It also features WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities to enhance the functionality and the ability to power more powerful devices over the USB ports.

Components Required:

1. Raspberry Pi 3 model B – Buy

2. MicroSD card 16 GB – Buy

3. Adapter 5V/2.4A – Buy

4. HDMI cable – Buy

5. MicroSD card adapter

Two methods of installing OS on a MicroSD card:

1. Using NOOBS

2. Using Win32diskimager

Method 1: Using NOOBS

1. Download the latest version of NOOBS

2. Insert your Micro SDcard into your computer using an adaptor. Extract the Downloaded Zip of NOOBS into your MicroSD card folder

3. Eject the MicroSD card and insert it into Raspberry Pi

4. Connect HDMI monitor to Raspberry Pi and power up the Pi using power chord

5. You will be prompted with an installation screen. Select the operating system and click on install. It will start installing

Method 2: Using Win32diskimager (using a Windows machine)

1. Go to  and download the latest distribution of the Raspbian OS

2. Download win32diskimager which we will use to write OS on the MicroSD card

3. Insert the MicroSD card into your computer using an adapter. Open MyPC / MyComputer and note down the drive letter allocated to the card

4. Install Win32diskimager and open it. Make sure you have the correct MicroSD card drive letter selected

5. Use the browse button to browse for your downloaded SD card image and click on write button

6. Now software starts to write OS on the MicroSD card

7. After writing is done, eject your MicroSD card and insert it into your Pi

Here is a screenshot to help you out with the installation