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In this project we will learn how to get and read temperature and humidity values using NodeMCU and BLYNK. Through BLYNK application we can get temperature and humidity values in our smart phone.

Whenever we are out of our home environment, we are constantly worried about different miss-happenings, like fire, burglars, trespassers etc, we can use this project with little modifications so as to use anywhere we want.

Right  now this project strictly rotates around the idea of getting  count on changing Temperature and Humidity.

Components Required:

  • NodeMCU (ESP8266) – Buy
  • DHT11 – Buy
  • Jumper Wires – Buy
  • Blynk (Software)


At first we need to establish connection between NodeMCU and DHT11 module and after that we need to create project in BLYNK.

Connections are as follows:

  • Connect pin 1 of DHT11 module with Vin of NodeMCU.
  • Connect pin 2 with D4 of NodeMCU.
  • Connect pin 3 with Gnd of NodeMCU.

Setup in BLYNK Application:

  • Create a New Project in BLYNK app.
  • Write Project Name and Select NodeMCU from dropdown.
  • An AUTH token will be sent to your registered email, note this down.
  • Tap on the screen and add a 1 Gauges and 1 Graphs.
  • Tap on the Widget and select the respective Virtual pins for temperature and humidity data (V6 for temperature and V5 for humidity).

Circuit Diagram: